I DONT THINKIM A VERY INTERESTING PERSON. literally normal. not much to talk about! i guess i should start w identity things ? i like to consider myself a computer program. not a human! . this is me btw!

i think im a very easy person to get along with as long as our values dont conflict ? i enjoy meeting new people and i try my best to make sure no one feels left out in a group! i think im an extrovert at heart, but i may seem like an introvert sometimes ? also i have been kinassigned marianne von edmund, abbey bominable and frankie stein by friends.. do w that what u will

as for my interests, aside from whats on the main page, i also enjoy coding(lie), horror(also a lie) and crafts! i have been described as very crafty by my brother! a craftmonster if you will. and for other media i like i enjoy enstars, idolmaster, lovelive, bandori, etc .. also theres more but i uhhh oops . i also just enjoy talking to my friends and thats what i spend most of my days doing! im REALLY into sewing and fashion design! i want to be a pattern cutter in the future!! im VERY INTERESTED in guys with glasses. but not the mysterious hot type i like the nerds. i just think they r the silliest

^my wiwi

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